Lubbock Texas wedding planner


I’m the founder of Sonnet Weddings & Events! I plan fun weddings in Lubbock, TX.

My goal as your planner is to get to know you holistically: how do you want your wedding day to look and feel? What causes you stress? What does a super-fun party look like to you? I’m a good listener and peacekeeper. I love strategizing interesting family dynamics and being a mini therapist as you set the stage for starting your own family unit. I will have the most fun brainstorming how to incorporate your nerdy obsessions, your pets, your friends and family, and thinking of ways to make your wedding feel so much like you it couldn’t be anyone else’s day.

If we're working together on the look and feel of your wedding, my main goal is to help you figure out how to take your visual inspirations (is it your favorite TV show? your favorite vacation destination? a book you were given when you were little?), and the photos from your pinterest board to create a logistical plan to execute your vision within your budget. You'll see when you meet me that I tend to dress in fun colors but I've designed all types of weddings. I've done everything from a rustic-pumpkins-in-October wedding to an ultra-modern tropical greenery and white wedding, with tons of other design styles in between! Being creative and getting to build/paint/craft/dye/forage/thrift is a joyful part of my job.

My family and I have a big veggie and flower garden where we are waging a constant battle against the wind and squirrels.

I would love to see many photos and cute videos of your pets. We have the best cat ever but I love dogs too! I used to volunteer working with super shy and scaredy shelter dogs and I grew up with a hilarious blind/incontinent beagle. Animals are the best!

I am positive and calm and love working with my couples. I become your wedding planning buddy over the course of our time working together. You can expect me to tell you over and over throughout the planning process that you’re doing a great job and that everything is alright.

Vegan | Enneagram 9 | Oldest Child | Teva Wearer

I wholeheartedly support a diverse group of local vendors and will help you find businesses to create your dream wedding. I'll always point you in the direction of my favorite Black-owned businesses, gay-owned businesses, LGBTQIA+ friendly businesses, women-owned businesses, and size-inclusive businesses to fit your wedding-day needs. 
Being in the business of love and marriage, it is important for me to share that everyone on the Sonnet Wedding team is an LGBTQ ally and we are respectful of all gender identities and expressions. Love is love.