indie wedding ceremony songs

Best Wedding Ceremony Songs

Best indie wedding ceremony songs

My husband is a musician so choosing ceremony songs and a reception playlist was one of our top favorite parts of wedding planning. I definitely understand that's not the case for everyone. It can be hard to choose wedding ceremony songs that are meaningful and sound right.

I convinced my husband to help me with this project of finding sweet indie songs that would be perfect for wedding processionals. As a planner, I'm looking for songs that have a good cry-factor. Usually that means songs that have a little instrumental bit before any lyrics come in. Depending on the processional order and how the couple wants to walk down the aisle, this gives whoever is last in the processional a moment to let it all hit them before they walk down.

A side note on processional order: do what you want! No one will freak out if you don't do things "traditionally". If you want rules, google processional order and you can find traditions for different religions and family makeups.

Back to notes on song choice! I would take note of how long the aisle is that you will be walking down and how many folks will be in the processional. You can choose multiple songs for different groups like parents, wedding party, etc.

Enjoy this playlist! Let me know if there are other songs I should add! What did you walk down the aisle to?

Photo by Napier Portrait Collective.