This Catholic wedding had such fun, colorful flowers and so many fun nerdy details. Just wait till you see the cake!


I had so much fun with this bright, rustic-meets-vintage, wonderful Texas wedding!

Friendship bracelet pattern from Purl Soho

Friendship Bracelet Patterns

Check out these awesome friendship bracelet DIYs and learn more about the Galentine’s event I’m co-hosting on February 9th!

Rent, Buy, or DIY: Aisle Runner

I’ve been diving deep into the world of boho wedding ceremony aisle runners! So, obviously, I have a bunch of fun options to share with you whether you decide to rent, buy, or DIY!

My Favorite Northwest Arkansas Wedding Venues

We are so lucky in Northwest Arkansas to a wide range of wonderful wedding venues. I hope you’ll be able to use this resource to find a space that is the right size, feel, and location for your big day!

L + S

This super-classic wedding had pops of burgundy and blush, and had tons of string lights that made it feel warm and inviting!

Fun things 2!

top left / top right / bottom left / bottom right

J + M

This Fayetteville, Arkansas church wedding at Fellowship Fayetteville was a bright celebration full of energy and rich colors.