5 Questions to Ask Before Booking a Wedding Planner

Choosing a Wedding Planner


So, you've searched for a wedding planner on wedding vendor listing pages, snooped around on instagram, and narrowed it down to a few choices. They have weddings featured on their website that have the same look you want, and their about me page speaks to your values. Next comes the hard part of choosing the right coordinator for you and your partner.

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Are you available on my date?

This is a good one to find out right off the bat. It sucks to fall in love then find out your favorite planner is already booked.

What exactly is included in your packages?

Before you compare costs between two planner's packages, make sure you have factored in what is included for the value. Don't forget to add any markups or add-ons! Even two packages called "Month-of" Planning might include very different things. If you’re not sure what to look for, download my free guide: "What to look for (and be wary of) in a wedding planning package".

What is your method of communication and communication style?

In the era of using a text to order pizza, this is a surprisingly big one! First, how long does it take them to get back to your inquiry? Are they comfortable keeping both you and your partner in the loop? Do they only offer phone calls, or do they have a preference for texts and emails? Make sure that however you best communicate is a way they offer.

Am I actually hiring the person who owns the business or am I hiring their assistant or associate?

This doesn’t have to be a big deal, but you don’t want to be surprised by the answer down the line. Sometimes getting an assistant who maybe does planning as a side-hustle can be a benefit. They might be more likely to meet after work hours or on weekends. Other times you want the owner who has the work, style, and voice that drew you to the company!

Most importantly, do I click with this wedding planner?

You should trust your gut when it comes to this one. You and your partner can definitely get a vibe from someone in a short meeting or phone call and know whether or not their presence on your wedding day will be fun and calming.

Have fun with the vendor booking process! Feel free to check out what it looks like to work with me or you can email me (maddie@sonnetwedding.com) at any time with questions about booking planners or other vendors!