wedding couple with paper mache cat heads held up in front of faces

Crazy pink kitschy paper mache extravaganza photoshoot

Pink kitschy paper mache wedding backdrop

A couple months ago I sent Steph Smith this photo of a crayon drawing:

And asked if she was up for a weird photoshoot. THANK GOODNESS she said yes!

Thanks also to:

The Cake Occasion – Cake and cookies

Fleurish – Flowers and emotional support

Pretty Old Stuff – Drinks set up and cake set up (with a bonus gold bar cart borrowed from Eventures/Randal Events)

The Reserve at Osage House – venue

kitschy pink and gold cake wedding photoshoot
kitschy wedding cake gold and pink
pink wedding bouquet in kitschy vase
wedding couple in front of paper mache arch
kitschy pink cookie in front of pink wedding dress
painted cardboard wedding sign beyonce come on baby it's you
wedding couple slumped on pink couch in front of shiny pink curtain
wedding couple with paper mache cat heads held up in front of faces
bride in short pink dress and sneakers and pink veil on pink couch
pink and maroon wedding couple
groom jumping over bride in short pink dress
bride in short pink dress with pink veil in front of black wall

I couldn’t have pulled this off without a ton of help from my down the street neighbors and husband. The paper mache arch was sculpted, painted, and assembled by the four of us over multiple months. Let me tell you that making 9 HUGE pieces of paper mache art was no joke. It also cost only about $20 in supplies. It doesn’t matter what kind of budget you have, if you’ve got the time and inclination, there’s always a way to fancy-up your wedding or party decorations! I’ll try and do a separate post with some how-tos and the biggest lessons I learned if this arch is speaking to you and you must know how to create your own.

pink bride and groom