Friendship bracelet pattern from Purl Soho

Friendship Bracelet Patterns

It's almost Valentine's Day which means it's also almost Galentine's Day! This year, I'm teaming up with NWA Girl Gang, Hark & Herald, Opal And June, and Fleurish Flower Farm and Floristry to put on a super fun event benefiting Open Mouth Reading Series (a non-profit, community-based poetry reading series in Northwest Arkansas).

The event is on February 9th from 1-3pm in Downtown Rogers at Hark & Herald Co. Hope to see you there!

I could not be more excited because I'll be setting up a DIY friendship bracelet making station. I wanted to share some bracelet patterns and awesome how-tos from around the internet.

Six strand braid pattern friendship bracelet
Monochrome friendship bracelet pattern

Letter bead friendship bracelet
Heart shape friendship bracelet diy

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