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Lubbock Wedding Florist Spotlight: Kindly Floral Atelier

This week I’m jazzed to share about an awesome Lubbock wedding florist: Ellen, the owner of Kindly Floral Atelier! She provides wedding florals (as well as seasonal and special order arrangements) to Lubbock and beyond. She’s got amazing taste and an great eye for color. Can’t wait for y’all to read her answers (my questions are in italics and her answers are below)!

When I look at your work, I feel like the geometry keeps my eye moving – there’s such a cool balance of the ikebana-y space and preciseness of placement and maximalist overabundance. So that’s not really a question but maybe an entry into asking how you approach designing with flowers!

It really starts with the flower choice, I like to get a variety of flowers so there is something interesting and different to look at in different angles. But then if I don’t have the luxury to get a bunch of different flowers I like to make sure that I include at least one to two specialty flowers to elevate the design. And to design, I have a certain technique to start with but usually by the middle of it the flowers sort of choose where they need to be so each bouquet usually turns out different! 

Neon disco ball arrangement photo by Greenhouse Creative

What are some of your favorite colors and specific flowers to work with?
My favorite color palette is probably dark moody colors with some brighter elements. More color than pastel, but pastels/whites can be easier to work with! My all time favorite flower is a Ranunculus. They add some bounce and height to anything without being bulky! It’s hard to pick many favorites though as there are so many fun varieties out there, it’d be easier to say which ones I don’t like which there definitely are some of those!

Who is your ideal client?
My ideal client is anyone who loves abundance and a non-traditional style. I don’t like to think that my style is limited to only one direction but if flowers are a priority then there’s opportunity to let them shine! 

Ellen: Lubbock, TX wedding florist

What’s your best tip for West Texas couples who want to maximize their wedding floral budget?
Choose pieces that will make the biggest statement skip the small stuff. It can even just be the bridal bouquet because that will be a huge focus in most all of their pictures! 

What do you love most about being a florist?
This might be a bit odd but what I love about being a florist is I like when I’ve finished with a design that I actually love the piece I just created. I know it’s strange we’re usually our biggest critics and I do critique myself a lot but it feels so good to step back and actually be proud of the work you’ve done! I think that translates over into how the client will feel about it as well!

With all the flower shortages/price increases – what would you want couples to know coming into the wedding floral booking process?
With the craziness of the world, clients should know to be flexible, sometimes we aren’t able to get specific things but we will be able to accomplish the vision with freedom to choose what we feel will be best. For budget brides: Prioritize the most important things to you for your wedding because with prices going up all the way around there may be some things that will have to be cut out to fit budgets. This goes for florals as well, you may not be able to spread out flowers everywhere like you hoped but you can prioritize and choose things that make a big statement!

What is your favorite bouquet?

Bouquet photo by Kimberly Correea Photo

This beauty of a bouquet includes: King Protea, Hanging Amaranthus, Ranunculus, Garden Roses, Stock, Veronica, Spiral Eucalyptus, and Italian Ruscus!

Thanks, Ellen! Follow Kindly on instagram here and feel free to reach out with booking questions: