Bride and groom in front of ivy wall at The Ravington

I hope you can almost hear the giggles emanating from this hilarious, beautiful wedding. The Ravington was full of laughter and goofing off from the second these two families arrived! There were so many fun details from the unburying of the Bourbon (buried on the property a year before the wedding) to the collection of milk glass that the bride's family had been stocking up for this wedding. Every piece was thought out and full of meaning!

Photographer: Alex Villar Photography

Florals: Fleurish Floral Studio

Rentals: Somthin Borrowed

Cakes: Earth + Honey

Signage: Olive and Fig

Venue: The Ravington

Food: Mockingbird Kitchen and Tyler's Craft BBQ

DJ: Brock Entertainment

Bride holding gold sparkly keds in Northwest Arkansas wedding
Two bridesmaids help bride buckle shoes
Bride taps groom on shoulder at the first look at wedding
Groom sees bride for the first time

Bride's veil blows at The Ravington
groom helps with bride's veil shot
bride reapplies lipstick using phone as mirror
groom takes goofy selfie

Bride and bridesmaids laugh at Centerton Arkansas wedding

Bride and bridesmaids pose in front of white wall at The Ravington
Groom has wedding date embroidered on suit lapel
groom has go pats embroidered on suit

groom rides groomsmen in goofy portrait

garden wedding inside The Ravington in Northwest Arkansas
garden wedding florals come down from windows in brick building
garden wedding florals come down from windows in brick building

Bride and groom first kiss in front of green doors at The Ravington
Bride and groom walk down the aisle at The Ravington
Wedding dinner with maroon and pink at The Ravington
Wood table wedding with cheesecloth runner at The Ravington
bride holds trowel to unbury bourbon
groom holds up bourbon bottle
groom unburies bourbon
bride and groom have first drink as married couple

Three white cakes with bright flowers from Earth and Honey in Northwest Arkansas
bride and groom cut cake at The Ravington
Groom feeds bride bite of cake

bride and groom dance at The Ravington