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The two biggest differences between Month-of Planning and Day-of Coordination

Bouquet photo by Napier Photo Co.

Deciding which wedding planning package to book with Sonnet Weddings comes down to how much assistance you think you’ll need through the process. No matter what, I am your wedding buddy, gal you can text exciting pictures to, share the fun (and not so fun) moments with, and I’ll be there to support you through your process. Although there are tons of similarities I want to break down the two biggest differences between our most cost-effective packages to help you decide what’s the best fit.

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Who’s in charge of the timeline, layout, etc.?

With Day-of Coordination, I’ll send you a timeline that’s ready to be filled out along with instructions on information I’ll need before wedding day. This includes your vendor contact info, a folder where you can save all your vendor contracts so I’ll have access to them, VIP lists so I’ll be more familiar with your family/wedding party, instructions on how to make a layout so I can run setup without your help, etc. You’re very supported via a guided step-by-step packet of documents.

With Month-of Planning, Sonnet Weddings creates the timeline based on conversations and in-person meetings, I design a layout working with your ideas, and put together the vendor contact list for wedding day. It’s a lot less work on your end!

Maddie helped us plan and was there to serve as our day of coordinator for our wedding. We had a lot of DIY aspects to our wedding and she was there to coordinate all of the vendors, assisted with setting up the decor and made sure everything ran smoothly. She was able to organize my crazy family and keep everything on schedule, so my husband and I could enjoy the celebration! Highly recommended – it really helps to have someone worry about the small things so you can enjoy your day!

-Colleen F., Day-of client

Vendor Booking and Communication

With Day-of Coordination, you’ll be responsible for booking and communicating details with all of your vendors. We’ll have a meeting a week or two before the wedding where you’ll share these details with me and we’ll go over your filled-out documents. On wedding day, I’ll rely on your planning and be there to execute your timeline and keep things to your schedule.

With Month-of Planning, you’ll receive personalized suggestions for all vendors and you’ll be responsible for booking and selection. A month before the wedding, Sonnet Weddings will take over vendor communication and confirm the timeline and layout details with your vendors. I’ll have been a part of the planning throughout, so on wedding day I’ll already know all the details of your timeline and have formed relationships with your vendors.

Ah! Maddie was absolutely amazing throughout the whole process of planning our wedding! She gave me direction and proposed questions where I needed guidance and made the process fun and easy! My wedding was planned to be an outside ceremony. On the day of, we had a terrible thunderstorm- Maddie put all of my fears and worries aside and moved our ceremony of almost 300 people inside without a hiccup. I would recommend Maddie/Sonnet Weddings without hesitation!!!

-Taryn L., Month-of client

How to Choose

It’s always up to you and what fits your budget and priorities. By nature of how involved the Sonnet Weddings team is, the more robust planning packages like Month-of result in an easier planning process for you! We’re involved all throughout the process and can ensure that as many potential stressors on wedding day are caught long before an issue arises. I typically recommend Day-Of planning to very organized couples who already have a clear sense of what they want, but need a professional there on the day to manage things.

Have more specific questions? Check out our pricing page which details what each package contains. If you want to learn more, email me at and let’s chat!