Lubbock Wedding with pizza catering from One Guy From Italy

My favorite Lubbock restaurants that do wedding catering

There are excellent full service caterers in Lubbock, TX, but more often than not a restaurant will be a less expensive option. I also love that choosing a favorite restaurant can be a way of showing off this town to your guests!

Below are some restaurants/food trucks that I love or that have great reputations for catering weddings:

Lubbock wedding with pizza catering from One Guy From Italy
Pizza is always the right answer 🙂

One Guy From Italy – website Great food, excellent service, easy communication.

Mirch Masala Indian – website Yummy Indian food, low cost buffet option, lots of choices for different types of eaters (has vegetarian/vegan options).

Mi Mesa – website Super tasty and great buffet options, cute food truck.

River Smith’s – website Has a great reputation with local venues as being a great wedding caterer!

Abuelo’s – website Super tasty, great reputation with local vendors!

Taste Buds Food Truck – website Cute food truck that appears at many local events, lots of food options.