My Wedding Dance Party Playlist

My husband and I had such a fun time making our wedding party playlist. Our wedding was very laid-back. My godmother did our flowers (collected from the farm and put in whatever glass containers were sitting around), my cousin did our photos, everyone ate dinner on picnic benches. It was awesome!


My husband is a musician and our friends are always on board for a dance party, so we ended up making our own playlist. We borrowed sound equipment from a friend and pressed play when we were ready to get dancing. It worked perfectly for us, and I wanted to share our playlist (with a couple edits) in case you’re looking for an awesome wedding dance party playlist.


Here are my recommendation to anyone who plans to DIY their music:

  • Test the sound equipment the day before the wedding and then again on wedding day.
  • Play through your playlist and make sure you didn’t accidentally add the 7 minute version of a song if you wanted the 4 minute version.
  • Make your playlist a little longer than you might want to have your dance party go, and then choose a final 5 or 10 songs that you can skip to if you’re ready for the dancing to end.
  • Add in some songs that might not be for everyone, but have special meaning to specific people or groups. For example, I didn’t include it in this playlist but we played Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend” and Iconapop’s “I Love It” because they were silly shout-the-lyrics songs with me and my best girl friends in college. I thought about also Vanessa Hudgens’ “Sneaker Night” but we decided that might empty the dance floor.
  • Think about your audience! If you have a mix of relatives and friends, make sure to include plenty of oldies if you want the old folks out on the dance floor!

Okay, here’s the playlist! Hope you enjoy: