RSVP Cards vs. Online

Save yourself a stationery headache with this one tip!


Online RSVPS... Yay or Nay?

I love the idea of online RSVPs. They can save money in your budget and drive people to your website so that they’ll learn more about your big day. I also speak from experience when I tell you that guests are way more likely to RSVP on a paper card than online. I’ve had couples and best friends who have done online RSVPs and have had to track people down last-minute to get their answers. I’m not promising that you won't have to do some hounding with paper RSVPs but if you have room in your budget, I’d highly recommend them!

Paper RSVPs... are worth it!

If you do go with paper RSVPs, and you have a fear that (even though you went out of your way to address the invitation to only those who are invited) there might be some plus ones added in here and there, make sure you address the envelope very specifically with each guest’s name. I’ve even seen couples put a line with “We have reserved ___ seats in your honor”.

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