Ways To Save Money in Your Wedding Budget

How to Spend Your Wedding Budget

How much to spend on your wedding and where to spend it can be one of the most difficult and emotionally loaded elements of the planning process. One of the tricky issues comes in when you have to make a decision whether to stick with the basic package or upgrade. There’s an option to spend more with almost every vendor and most couples can’t afford to upgrade with all of them.

Ways To Save Money in Your Wedding BudgetI always suggest coming back to your priority list to make these sorts of decisions. Find the moments that matter to you and spend your budget there. If it’s a gorgeous table setting that feels regal and luscious, do that! If you have the budget and it’s the look you want, I 10/10 will support you in your decision to upgrade.

On the other side, no one is going to walk into your wedding and say “oh wow, they didn’t upgrade to the gold-rimmed china” because they had no idea that was even an option.

Reassure yourself that the things you choose to go basic on will go unnoticed and the places where you invest your money and energy will be enjoyed. No one should feel bad spending whatever they decide to spend.

Two last little nuggets:

You can almost always change your mind. Vendors will usually give you their last date to make changes to an order or when you need to sign a contract and confirm the specific services. Sit with changes for a day and feel free to revisit things with your vendors if your original choices don’t feel right.

It always helps to price things out. If you’re thinking about upgrading, but you think it’ll add too much to the budget, get a quote anyways. You never know what prices are until you have them.


Contact me if you’re having trouble deciding how to spend your budget!