Using Pinterest for Wedding Planning

I got thinking about making this post when a local florist told me that she had three inquiry meetings in a row where the couple brought in the same bouquet inspiration photo from Pinterest. That’s no big deal, three couples can like the same types of flowers and bouquets, but it made me wonder if this comes from not using Pinterest to the full advantage.


I’ve had couples tell me that they thought Pinterest was too overwhelming and unhelpful. I, on the other hand, am a Pinterest fanatic and have been using it since it launched in 2010! I’m going to share some tips for using Pinterest to find inspiration for your wedding planning and design.

First, if you’re starting a wedding planning board from scratch it’s helpful to begin by deciding on your priorities. Pinterest will show you the most most most for every different aspect of the wedding, so if you don’t want to prioritize the stationery, don’t worry about pinning pretty deckled-edge letterpress save the dates.


Second, utilize the new sections feature! When you have things divided up, it will help you find the different inspiration images more easily and let you use the “more ideas” feature in a more targeted way. For example, if I click the more ideas button in my Wedding | Flowers board, I get images of bouquets, floral arches, centerpieces, and more. If I go to the Bouquets section first, and then click more ideas I get only bouquet photos.

Third, pin some photos that capture the mood, colors, vibe, theme, textiles, and feeling you want. Try not to limit yourself to only photos of other people’s weddings. It might open your eyes to something that hasn’t been done or a way to inject more of your personality in the day.

Fourth, get super specific when you use the search feature! Here are the results when I search for “wedding bouquet”:

All pretty similar, white, blush, with eucalyptus greenery.

And here are the fun results when I got specific about color and flower type by search for “orange pink poppy peony wedding bouquet”:

And here are the romantic results when I used evocative words and searched for “moody fall wedding bouquet”:

Try searching with specific flowers (if you don’t know flower names, go to Fifty Flowers and search by flower name or by color – so helpful!), the colors you love, mood/theme words like: moody, bright, fun, colorful, romantic, vintage, boho, tropical, rustic, wild, organic, or shape words like: cascading, round, small, big, oval, or by search by season!

With each piece of the wedding that you want to find inspiration images for, try getting specific with your searches. If you search for something basic like “wedding invitation” Pinterest will give you suggestions like “calligraphy” “simple” or “modern” right under the search bar on words to add and hone in your search.

Last, but not least, follow wedding vendors (both in your area and from other parts of the country and world) and get inspiration from what they pin! Your Pinterest home page will be gathered based on your searches and pins, but your “Following” feed will be gathered from all the boards and pinners you follow.


Hopefully this post will help a little bit in curating a feed of inspirational images that really speak to your style and what you want your wedding to feel like and look like! Follow all my wedding boards and start getting inspired: