Yellow, Red, and Orange Bridal Party Roundup

I’m so pumped to be in a wedding this summer! One of my best college buddies is getting married and asked me to be in her wedding posse. We’ll all be choosing our own outfits in a range of red, orange, yellow, and gold! I love a mismatched bridal party and I know that our friend crew will be decked out in a super fun array of styles.

Here’s a roundup of awesome dresses, jumpsuits, and other outfits that I’m loving. They range from $30 to $160 and most are less than $50! Some are handmade from Etsy, a bunch are from stores like ASOS and Modcloth. Click through on each picture for links and enjoy:


Do you like a mismatched wedding party? I’ve got mix and match wedding party styles as well as matchy-matchy weddings party ideas on my Pinterest board.